HelloPrenup Podcast: Navigating Finances as a Blended Couple with Kaylin Dillon

How do I get on the same page as my partner? How do we navigate conversations around finances, assets, debt, and goals? How do we navigate life events? How do I feel confident as a woman in my marriage? And the biggest question of all… How do I get a prenup and feel really good about it?

Whether you’re single, engaged, married, or divorced, you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. Check out my interview with Host Lauren Lavender of HelloPrenup.

Hear me talk about why I focus on working with couples with prenuptial agreements and blended families. I care about helping couples uphold their legal agreements in a way that supports their relationship. Whether it’s for a divorce or a marriage, couples don’t enter into marital agreements lightly but tracking the terms of an agreement into the future (indefinitely) is no easy task.

As you’ll hear, I believe “Couples deserve to have ongoing support in these matters and no one is better positioned from a cost and visibility standpoint than their financial advisor.”

I really enjoyed my conversation with Lauren. We dive into why upholding legal agreements is so important and how the lack thereof has affected me personally. We also talk about the all-too-common trap of money shame and to seek help if you need it. Lastly, we cover why blended families really should consider prenups and estate planning in order to protect the financial outcomes of their families.

I hope you enjoy listening!