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How we work together

Financial Planning

$4,000 / year
(billed quarterly)

This is an ongoing comprehensive financial planning relationship that includes quarterly reviews.

Year 1: We will work together to prepare a snapshot of your current financial picture, set future goals, and develop your long-term financial plan.

Ongoing: We will work on implementing the action items needed to make your ideal plan a reality. We will incorporate any recurring items into an annual checklist and we will check in quarterly to ensure we are making progress. You can also check your progress in real-time via the financial planning portal online.

Investment Management

I believe in building a diversified portfolio of funds, rebalancing periodically, and generally leaving the portfolio alone to grow. Instead of picking stocks or trying to beat the market, I am focused on minimizing fees and taxes and maximizing diversification in a manner befitting your risk tolerance and long-term goals. 

$2 million – 1.00%
$2-$5 million – 0.85%
$5 million – negotiable

Financial Planning services are included at no additional cost for Investment Management clients with $400,000 in investments under KDFP advisement.

What we will do together

Year 1 of the financial planning process includes:

Intro Meeting

We will have an initial consultation to discuss what you’re looking for, how my process works, and explore whether my services will be a good fit for your needs.

*Digital onboarding process to follow, if mutually agreed.


I will guide you through a conversation focusing on your concerns, goals, and desires with the aim of understanding your needs and objectives.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to know all the answers.

Get Organized

We will set up a secure organization system that you can use into the future for all things financial.

  • Client online portal
  • Account aggregator
  • Password vault
  • Document vault with suggested folder hierarchy

Plan review

We’ll review the first full draft of your financial plan. We’ll be able to analyze additional future scenarios in real-time using financial planning software.

Bonus: a mini celebration to commemorate your first iteration of your financial plan as a couple.

Next Steps

Based on the conclusions from the initial plan review, we’ll review the steps I recommend to make your ideal plan a reality. Our goal is to implement 1-2 of the top action items.

Ongoing planning after year 1 includes:

Quarterly Check-Ins

We’ll check in quarterly to make sure your financial plan is on track. We’ll also review any items from your annual checklist relevant to that quarter.


Annual review

We’ll update and review your financial plan to incorporate any life changes or new areas of interest that have come up since the last review. 


You’ll get an annual reminder to enjoy the progress you’ve made planning for your future. Finances aren’t always fun but the work you’ve put into getting this far is something to celebrate!

Prenups aren’t just for divorce

If you have prenuptial agreement, it is an important component of the financial planning process from the day it is first drafted. If you don’t have one, that is relevant to your financial plan as well.

I specialize in financial planning for couples with

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Prior marriages
  • Blended families
  • Other separate financial interests

It might sound surprising but this is most married
couples. If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement,
your marital and separate property is defined
by your state. Whichever situation applies, let’s
make sure you’re planning for how it can affect


Couples’ financial interests aren’t always perfectly aligned. That’s OK. Let’s talk openly about setting your partnership up for success.

Most financial planning training assumes couples will come to us with the same financial goals and that prenups only become relevant upon a divorce, but that isn’t reality.

Prenuptial agreements are great ways to be completely transparent about finances before marriage. They can also be used to plan for how you’ll manage finances during marriage and what will happen to your assets when a spouse dies.

I want to empower couples

with separate interests to strengthen their trust and create intimacy by engaging them in joint financial planning.