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Prenups Do More Than You Think

Marriage is, for many people, the foundation of a happy life. But modern living puts pressure on us in so many ways, and money is often at the core. Finding
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Tax Planning – Do I need it?

I frequently get asked if I think someone could use tax planning. Everyone wants to hear that I hold secrets that will unlock boatloads of tax savings for them. Why
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What to Make of the Current Market Volatility

The Federal Reserve intends to move more aggressively in fighting inflation. The Fed will likely do this via a series of 50 basis point rate hikes, beginning with the May
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A Scoop of Vanilla Podcast Interview: Lindsey Talks Prenups with Kaylin Dillon

Check out my interview with Lindsey Swanson, CFP® on her podcast A Scoop of Vanilla. We talk prenups, relationship power dynamics, and when to start talking to your partner about
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Talking Money With Your Partner

Being able to talk about money and work through uncomfortable conversations is the mark of a strong partnership. Many of us would agree with that but that doesn’t mean we’re
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How To Retire Comfortably In 8 Simple Steps

I was recently interviewed for this article “How To Retire Comfortably In 8 Simple Steps” for the popular lifestyle site She’s A Full On Monet. Check out the article for my take
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