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You & your partner, together, are my client

I’m wholly focused on helping you plan for your financial future in a way that strengthens your relationship. I believe your desire to define how you treat your money, now and in the future, is something to celebrate.

When couples are dividing up the work of their lives, it’s not uncommon for one spouse to be assigned the task of family CFO. Other times, managing the finances is more of a tag-team effort. Regardless of your situation, you can rest assured that I will always include both partners in my communications.

I’m a fiduciary, which means I put your best interest first.

I am a fee-only advisor, which means I’m paid directly by you and only by you. I will never accept commissions or compensation from another party that could create a conflict of interest.

Ready to get your finances in order?

Even the best laid plan is just the start of a conversation. This is especially true with couples and their money. Life changes. Plans should too.

Let's keep the conversation going.

Kaylin Dillon, CFP®

I started KDFP to help couples thrive financially regardless of how they define “what’s mine” and “what’s ours”. I simplify the financial decisions that most busy couples find too messy to face alone.

I began my career at Morgan Stanley in 2012 where I was a financial advisor and portfolio manager. I founded KDFP in 2021 to modernize financial planning for married couples with prenups, blended families, and engaged couples contemplating their financial future together.

I created a fee-only practice with no minimum asset requirement because I’m a passionate advocate for making money matters transparent and accessible.